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Welcome to Ricks Home Page!!!

This is my other homepage! On this page, if you have Internet Explorer 4.0, you should be able to view all kinds of different stuff on here, including mouseovers, and transitions. This was all accomplished by using Dynamic HTML(dhtml). It took my a while to figure this stuf out with the help of some other webpages, so u better appreciate it!! just kidding! Enjoy!

Be sure to check out all of my other pages-shown below- and all of my favorite links. This isn't like some other homepages where the creator puts ads on his page and get's paid for every person that goes to the sponsors site. I'm not that way. I just like these links and think that they deserve your noticing. so go to them! and also be sure to go to all my friends' homepages too! well if you have any suggestions for my page email me at

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My Friends!!

My Garfield Page!!

Visit My awards Page

download AOL Instant Messenger!
Download AOL instant Messenger 2.0 Beta free, and u'll be able to talk to me. This is the windown 95 version. if u need the mac version, or another version go to My screen name at the moment is Ricks1583. hope to talk to ya soon!!

My favorite sites

My friends home pages

He has some really cool N64 stuff on his page! Go here!!

Well this is carla's webpage. she's on my friends page along with her sister Kate. Nothing spectacular here, but if ur looking for a simple page with some neat stuff on it, go here!!!

HEY! YOU! yeah the one reading this! if u want to go to a kickin' webpage with some really cool poems, quotes(one of mine included-not true) really cool links to other pages, and the fbpva, go here! THAT MEANS YOU!!

Very cool page with a link to a page on Heidi Klum(ahh very mice!) and a link to his sports card trading page. Definately a must see!!

This page has a huge pic of (from left to right) me, my best bud Mike, then Scott, who is Ed's friend who is last in line, in Murtle Beach this last summer. If there are any questions about a certain phrase under the pic...Email me at

Resaworld is a cool webpage with tons of cool links and quotes and lotsa other really neat stuff!! It's definately worth a visit!!

The things I enjoy are: