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Rick's Garfield Trivia Page!!

Welcome to Rick's Garfield Trivia Page! This page was designed to seperate the true Garfield fans from the rest of ya. Whenever i come up with new questions, i'll just post them here with the date that they are added.

Here goes!!

1. What is the name of Garfield's rubber chicken?
a. Lloyd
b. Frank
c. Stretch
d. Clive

2. What is Garfields Birthday? (if u don't know this, ur gonna be getting a good beatdown!!!)
a. May 9, 1983
b. June 19, 1978
c. Oct. 22nd, 1978
d. None of these

3. Who is Odie's origional owner?
a. Lyman
b. Jon
c. Ralph
d. Liz

4. Where did Garfield find Pookie?
a. in a closet
b. in a drawer
c. under Jon's bed
d. it was a present
e. none of these

Answers Page

That's all for now, but check back every once in a while to see if i've added any more. Hey, if u want, u could even send me some Garfield Trivia of your own, if u want. But that's just a suggestion. C y'all later!!