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Welcome to Rick's Garfield Page!!

Hey there everybody! Welcome to my page all about my favorite comic strip character, Garfield. If you found this site from the link on my homepage you should have noticed that I've finally learned how to do some sorta serious HTML programming because I have frames on here. Those things are a pain to get to work!! So you better appreciate the effort that went into this thing! No just kidding. Oh jeez! I'm not even started yet and I'm already off of the topic of this page! Back to Garfield...

Well I was sitting at my ancient computer one day talking on aol (Ricks1583) and looking at Garfield strips and then i thought to myself, "Hmmmm. Maybe i could have a webpage dedicated to the greatest comic strip ever made- Garfield." Well i didn't exactly say that, but that was the general idea of my thought. Now I have been a loyal Garfield fan for around 6 years now, and i thought that this was the only way to pay respects the the Man himself, Jim Davis. I found my first Garfield book atop one of the shelves in my room and read it. I laughed so hard that i decided to go get some more books. In my six years of reading Garfield Comics, i have come to collect every one of the daily strip books; I'm not really fond of the Treasuries because all the Sunday strips are in the daily comic strip books. But i do have three treasuries. So now I have my own Garfield webpage and even though it's extremely simple, it's the most i can do.

Now on my extremely simple page I have: Links to all these things can be found in the frame to the left <-

Now i hope you like what I have done and hope that you'll email me what you think at (link below).